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The use of reversals is a personal choice.  Some readers use them and some don't.  The deck you choose will also having a bearing on whether or not you will use them. I, as a reader, believe that reversals give much more depth and breath to a reading. 
What do you think?  Do you use them in your readings?  Or does it depend upon the mood you are in?

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I offer a class on Tarot and Reversals!

While some people don't read reversals, as a reader I feel that they are important and should be taken into account.  This class explores the role and importance of tarot reversals.   We will look at, and talk about reversals as imbalances, blockages, or just different meanings.  We will also focus on the importance of not generalizing these things when it comes to reversals.  We will look at the INDIVIDUAL meanings of each card, rather than a vague view of contrary cards.  We will also consider how we should address our clients when reversals do occur, and our own power of co-creation with the Divine in life, which may include the act of turning cards in a reading in order to facilitate positive change in ourselves or others.

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    I have been reading and studying tarot since I was 14 years old - 34 years, and have been studying the metaphysical my whole life. For the past three years I have worked at a metaphysical shop, Lavender Moon, in East Sandwich, Massachusetts as a professional Tarot, Animal, and Crystal Reader, and Spiritual Counselor. 

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